Travelling grate spares Manufacturers

Travelling grate Spares is suitable for almost all biomass fuels and also for certain coals.  Arrowcon Energy Pvt ltd is renowned for manufacturing reliable travelling grate spare assemblies with expertise in designing them formats burning as well as spreader burning configuration. Arrowcon Energy Pvt ltd provides travelling grate assemblies to the top leading boiler manufacturers and has executed successful installations in India & overseas.

Depending on the technical expertise and outstanding knowledge of our TROUPE of people, we've been successful in sculpturing a niche for ourselves as a prominent manufacturer of Boiler Travelling Grates Spares. Ours is an international quality range that is known for top-notch norms, rugged designing and stylish performance. Each furnace spare offered by us is tested by quality controls.


 Product Features:

  • Two/Three-stage superheater with interstage feedwater spray attemperator
  • high furnace for complete combustion.
  • The grate is driven by planetary/hydraulic gear with VFD
  • Catenary design.
  • Precise control of grate speed variation.
  • Lapping grate design prevents air leakages.
  • Nonstop ash discharge system avoids dependence on the operator’s judgement
  • Over-fire air system provides turbulence and thorough mixing of uncertain gases, assuring complete combustion.
  • Online conservation of grate possible.
  • Pinhole grate or pusher grate offered for specific uses.

We also provide the Travelling Grate Spare Part like:

  • Chain link
  •  It is an important part to move the travelling grate in forwarding direction.
  • Chain Sprockets to engage the chain.
  • Grate Casting

All types of Cast Iron casting including Indian and Japanese origin.

  • Grate Bars
  • Rail bar which supports the grate.
  • Shaft
  • Moment point of travelling grate.



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