Rectangular Expansion Joints Manufacturers

Rectangular Expansion Joints are manufactured to individual sizes and functional conditions by combining standard corrugated rudiments and corner configurations with their own developed fabricating styles to be used as Duct Expansion Joints. Available as single or universal rectangular joints, they're designed to absorb both axial and side movements taking from the thermal expansion of rectangular duct systems. The most generally used material for the rectangular expansion joints is austenitic stainless steel of different grades and carbon steel for the end connections. Material selection is mostly determined by the service conditions. 

Rectangular Expansion Joint have different applications such as:

  • Rectangular Expansion Joints for Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Rectangular Bellows for the petrochemical factories.
  • Duct Expansion Joints for steel industries.
  • Rectangular Expansion joint for cement diligence.

Typical localities include suction and discharge of ID and FD fans, Scrubber, precipitator, Gasper-heater, diffuser, diverter for air input as well as flue gas uses at high temperatures. A rectangular expansion joint can get manufactured by bevel corners or round corners. It absorbs axial, side, and angular movements correspondent to the round metal expansion joints. The bellows element is manufactured from austenitic stainless steels of SS 304/ SS321/ SS 316 grade depending upon service conditions.

Duct Expansion Joints are manufactured according to the needed size limits. This type of expansion joint is handed with varied configurations of corners like:

  • Square expansion joints.
  • Bevel corner.
  • Double Mitre.
  • Rounded Corner.

A rectangular expansion joint can also be supplied with further accessories like internal flow liner, limit rods/ control rods/ hinges, etc to control the movements and expansion of the tubes in a positive manner. These tube expansion joints can be fed with welding-capable pipe ends which can be welded in the tube line. They can also be handed with flange ends with the requested drilling pattern so that they can fit in the subsisting gap available matching with the drilling of matching flanges so that they can be simply bolted with the subsisting matching flanges available in the tube.


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