At Arrowcon Energy we recognize that Health, Environment and Safety is of utmost importance and all possible efforts in the direction of its improvement needs to be implemented on priority.

Our employees are adequately trained so to ensure our policy related to Health, safety and conservation of environment are implemented in the most effective manner.

We identify and eliminate hazards to prevent accidents, incidents and redesign unsafe work practices.

All the necessary resources required for the implementation are made available.

Develop a process in which there is a least effect on the environment and priority is given to safety and health of all individuals.

Educate each individual about the importance of our health, environment and safety policy and motivate them so as to implement it in the most effective manner.

Regular audits to ensure compliance with laid down policies, benchmarked standards and requirement of laws, regulations and applicable codes of practice.

Periodic review and improvement in our policy so as to meet the day to day challenges.