Live Bottom Screw Feeder Manufacturers

Live bottom screw feeders are designed for use on large bins, silos, and hoppers with large discharge openings. The live bottom screw feeder utilizes multiple feeder screws in tandem to produce a" live bottom" to help to bridge. Bulk materials are metered and drawn out similarly from the full width and length of the inlet opening. Live bottom screw feeders are used on bulk materials that tend to pack or bridge smoothly.

When designing a screw feeder, every operation is unique. For this reason, please consult KWS Engineering for proper recommendations concerning your particular requirements. Live bottom screw feeders are designed to be mounted under flat bottom bins to control the inflow rate of bulk material that tends to pack or bridge under pressure.

Several factors must be considered when designing a screw feeder, including:

1. Flow characteristics of bulk material being stored and metered.

2. Density of bulk material in both stored and metered conditions.

3. Maximum and minimum capacity or feed rate of the process.

4. Bulk material size with screen analysis.

When the screw conveyor works, the screw shaft rotates, and the material moves forward along the trough bottom of the conveyor under the drive of the blade. Because of the graveness of the material and the disunion between the material and the groove wall, the material doesn't rotate with the blade of the screw conveyor.

Advantages :

1. Ideal For Metering A Wide Variety Of Bulk Materials – From Sluggish To Free-Flowing

2. Design Flexibility – Can Be A Single Or Multiple-Screw Design Depending On Hopper Design And Required Feedrate

3. Can Be Designed With Variable Frequency Drives To Provide A Wide Range Of Feed Rates To Downstream Processes

4. Bulk Materials Are Discharged In Mass-Flow Or First-In, First-Out With Uniform Flow – No Bridging Or Rat-Holing Of Bulk Materials In Hopper


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