Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India

We are Expansion Joint Manufacturer in India & Supplier trusted by industry-leading clients in India & worldwide, Arrowcon Energy Pvt Ltd from Ankleshwar, Gujarat India.
A rubber expansion joint is a flexible connector fabricated of natural and/ or synthetic elastomers and fabric, if necessary, internal metallic supports designed to give stress-relief in pipeline systems due to thermal movements and mechanical vibration.
There are lots of material selections grounded on the application area of rubber expansion joints. Also, rubber expansion joints have advantages and disadvantages between the material expansion joints. Rubber expansion joints can absorb large movements in a really short distance. They give all directional movement, similar to axial, angular, side, and torsional that may do from external conditions. Also reduce wind, shock lading, and seismic movements.

Types of Rubber Expansion Joints 

Expansion Joints Manufacturers in India1. ARCH TYPE- A full-face integral flange design is available in both Single Arch and Multiple Arch Types.
2. Single Narrow Arch Type-
Construction is of fabric and rubber, supported with material rings or wire. This type of rubber face flange is of sufficient consistency to form a tight seal against the material flanges without the use of gaskets.
3. Multiple Narrow Arch Type:
Multiple Arch joints of utmost manufacturers are composites of standard-sized arches and are suitable for movements of a single arch multiplied by the number of arches.
4. PTFE Lined
These liners are fabricated as an integral part of the expansion joint during manufacture and cover all bathe outsides in the tube and flange areas. Fluoroplastic provides exceptional resistance to nearly all chemicals within the temperature range of the expansion common body construction.
5. Non-metallic Reinforced Design
Constructed like to the Spool “ Arch” Type except the remains doesn't contain cable or material ring support. Pressure resistance is fulfilled through the use of special external flanged retaining rings furnished with the joint.
6. Reducer Type
Reducing expansion joints are used to connect pipelines of unstable compasses.
7. Sleeved Arch Type
This joint is like the “ Arch” type except that the limited sleeve ends haveanI.D. dimension equal totheO.D. of the pipe. This type of joint is recommended only for low to medium pressure and vacuum service because of the difficulty of carrying a respectable clamp


1. Absorbs Vibration, Noise, and Shock-
Sound traveling axially through Expansion Joints is stopped at one time. Water hammers, pumping impulses, and waterborne noises are absorbed by the moldered, light, thin-wall structure.
2. Easy to Install, Easy to Remove-
Loose flanges, no need for gasket or filling, and elastic globular body make Expansion Joints easy to install or remove.
3. Advanced Burst Strength-
The globular shape is stronger than the circular shape or other configuration. Therefore under pressure, Sure Flow Expansion Joints are 4 times as strong as circular joints. Also, our products are made of the stylish suitable material, and hence their burst pressure is much developed than those of other makes.
4. Wide Service Range-
Made with chemical elastomers similar to Neoprene.
5. Greater Movements are Available-
Axial contraction and extension, deviation, and angular movements will be higher.
6. High Effectiveness-
Expansion Joints have a streamlined, flowing arch to reduce turbulence, deposition figure-up, thrust area, and the goods of thrust on the pipeline system outfit.
7. Low Distortion Under Pressure-
Internal pressure is wielded in all directions distributing forces equally over a large area. Hence, the distortion of Sure Flow Expansion Joints due to pressure is much lower than that of other makes.
8. Light and Compact-
The space needed for the installation of an Expansion Joint is about half of the demand of a circular joint. Weight is about one-third.

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